Beach Sand Sculptures

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Do your kids love sand castles? Are they always digging, stacking, building, trying to create the biggest and best castle they’ve ever seen? You know the kind. Buckets on buckets, surrounded by moats, growing wider and taller by the minute. If so, we HAVE to introduce you to one of our Preferred Partners – Beach Sand Sculptures! They are the leader in sand castle lessons on our Emerald Coast.  We sat down with them to learn more about their business and here’s what we know:

How long have you been building sandcastles/in business?
We started offering SandCastle Lessons back in 2011.

Beach Sand Sculptures

Does the guest choose the design or how does the process work?
Everyone builds a sandcastle sometime in their lives, but for most of us, we want to know how to build BIG castles, learn new sculpting techniques, or take our craft to another level. We teach professional sandcastle-ing tips and techniques in a 2 hours SandCastle Lesson. Your SandCastle Coach(es) will meet you on your beach to demonstrate tools and their usage, and how much water to add. Use your imagination to create your very own masterpiece by beginning with an approximately 3 1/2 feet tall Sand Sculpture or SandCastle. Sure it’s fun in the sand and sun, but you’re also creating a heavy dose of “SandCastle Envy” on the beach with your newly acquired sand sculpting skills during this unique family experience.

Fill us in on what all you offer!
SandCastle Lesson – typical lesson is private
Large Group (>20 people) SandCastle Lessons
Guest Resort Services – an amenity offered by resorts/property management companies weekly, during the summer, for up to 20 people/lesson
Corporate Team Building
Specialty Sand Sculptures; Marriage Proposals, Wedding Sand Sculptures, Business Logos (Sandvertising), Festival/Event Sand Sculptures, on or off the beach, table-top to multi-ton projects.
SandCastle Contests

Sand Castle Lessons

Why do guests book you for a SandCastle Lesson?
First, lots of people take SandCastle Lessons to learn how to build taller sandcastles and that’s a great reason. The average tower height is 3 1/2 feet tall. Others think their kids will have fun and most certainly will – these lessons are fun, educational and entertaining, but sometimes the adults have more fun than the children! Also, the memories – There are very few activities families can participate in as a group, and even fewer where everyone in the family can actually participate in and thoroughly enjoy at the same time. Combine this cooperative family bonding along with other beach goers stopping to OHHH! and AHHH! over the family’s SandCastle; It’s the perfect combination for lifelong memories. And after all – isn’t that why people take family vacations?

The unexpected results are so much more than just building a tall sandcastle. We’ve dubbed the unique experience gained by a family taking SandCastle Lessons as “The SandCastle Effect”. The SandCastle Effect is a unique experience caused by quality family time, centered on a fun activity where everyone is participating and engaged. It’s all the rage – The SandCastle Effect is the reason why SandCastle Lessons are a 5 Star Activity and TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015, 2016, and 2017!

Beach Sand Sculptures

We also learned that Beach Sand Sculptures is the World’s Largest SandCastle Lesson Company. They’re creating memories in the sand with thousands of people every year as it is a year-round activity. The SandCastle Coaches receive extensive training and are required to reach and maintain specific requirements to offer a high level of expertise to every SandCastle Lesson. Typically, 15-20 SandCastle Coaches are hired and trained to gear up for the busy summer season in NW Florida.

Other fun fact: There is one table-top sand sculpture at Carillon Beach Wedding’s showroom. It’s been there for 5 years and has been submitted to the Guinness World Book of Records for the longest standing sandcastle. We had a sand sculpture at Bahia Honda State Park created in Jan 2017 which actually had parts that endured Hurricane Irma!

Beach Sand Sculptures

To contact Beach Sand Sculptures for sand castle lessons, check out their website or social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) or call Capri at 303-681-2631. And then tag us in your photos so we can see the crazy cool castles you’ll build along our coast!