Co-working space in Destin

Co-working Space in Destin

2020 has completely changed the way we: work, live, & travel. Sometimes work, school, and everything in between has been done completely from home. That is why everyone is gearing up and wanting to be in Destin! Spring has just begun, and the bookings are ever-increasing, which tells us one thing: people are ready to go on vacation! But, for those of you who must mix work with pleasure, this post is going to tell you how you can work remotely in one of the most beautiful places in the world, coworking spaces in Destin!

What is coworking?

Coworking is being able to cohabitate in an office with other self-employed or virtually working employees. You share an office, office equipment, and it gives you an option to collaborate with people you would not normally work with and is a cheaper alternative to the overhead of leasing your own office space.

Why should you use a coworking space?

Sometimes when you go on vacation, just like when you are home: you want your work to stay at work, and when you are home, or in this case “home away from home” you want to be able to leave everything at the office. That is why coworking spaces are a great alternative to having to work while on vacation. They have all of the amenities that you could need: desks, meeting spaces, Wi-Fi, print/scanning abilities.

Where can you find a Coworking space in Destin?

While coworking spaces seem to be popping up all over the US, there is one official Destin coworking space and that is Beachworx. Beachworx is a modern/coastal chic office space that seems to provide you everything you could ever want in an office space. Their office space is located just across from the Destin Commons. They have options like private offices, where you can have your own executive suite in the heart of Destin. Grab a dedicated desk that gives you your own private space in a shared office with 1-2 other people or you can go the “hot desk” route. A hot desk is an affordable way to have a coworking space as you have a desk located in an open office environment. They also have 3 board rooms available to fit 10 -22 people. Just an added bonus for those traveling to the Emerald Coast, they have a tourist option that makes it extremely easy and affordable to work while on vacation!

Beachworkx Coworking Space in Destin for Tourists

If you are a tourist traveling to the Destin area, Beachworx is the perfect coworking option for you. They have a $25/Day rate and for that you get


  •       hot desk
  •       Wi-Fi
  •       access to printer/scanners,
  •       coffee

 Their office is modern/coastal chic and will give you the professional environment that you need to get your best work done.


Coworking Space in Miramar Beach

When looking for a coworking space in Destin, we found that the Regus, one of the biggest offices/coworking spaces in the country has a beautiful location in Grand Boulevard. So if you are staying in one of our Sandestin, Topsl, or Baytowne Wharf properties, this might be something worth looking into. While they don’t have the tourist option, as Beachworx does in Destin. The Regus allows you to visit any of their 3,000 Regus centers. So, if you are currently on a Regus plan, or are looking to get a national co-working space this would be the way to go. Their co-working spaces include:

  •       Coworking desk space in any Regus Center
  •        A receptionist to greet guests
  •       Secure Wi-Fi
  •       Access to printer, scanner, and photocopier.
  •       Use of any Regus Business lounge.
  •       10% discount on meeting room bookings if you book via MyRegus.

As you can see, working remotely has gotten a little more enticing for the travel lovers out there. Being given the option to work in the world’s luckiest fishing village is something that most people have only dreamed of. The benefit of using a coworking space in Destin is being able to work and play, and when you are getting in your beach time, you have the ability to live our the Gibson Beach Rentals motto, and that is to worry less and relax more knowing that you have all of your working amenities just down the road. Have a coworking space in Destin, and want to add it to the list? Send us an email and let us know! Don’t forget to check out our Destin area guide when looking for things to do in the Destin & Miramar Beach area!