What to Pack For Your Beach Vacation

What to Pack For Your Beach Vacation

Packing for a family vacation can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you need to think outside the box for all the days you’ll be spending at the beach. Not to worry – Here is our top 10 list for what to pack for your beach vacation, Destin Florida style.

1. Sunglass and/or a Hat : Keeping protected from the sun is important, so sunglasses and a hat will always come in handy. If you have room, a small pop up tent or an umbrella will also be helpful for shade. These can also be purchased or rented after arrival if you’re trying to save space.

2. Snacks/Water : Stay hydrated with large water jugs that everyone can share, and get creative with your snacks using ziploc bags or empty coffee creamer containers with lids. Beach days can be long and snacks are always welcome!

3. A Beach Bag : Many people who pack for the beach forget one simple necessity – A cute beach bag to get all these things to the beach! Fold one up and stick it in the pocket of your suitcase; you’ll be happy you did. Bonus points for bringing a mesh bag too, as all the sand will shake out the bottom when you’re ready to head home.

What to Pack For Your Beach Vacation

4. A Cooler : Lucky for you, Gibson Beach Rentals provides a 6 pack cooler bag for all units as a gift upon your arrival. It is decked out with koozies, cups, pens, and tons of other coupons and special offers. An extra bonus, and one less thing to pack!

Gibson Beach Rentals

5. Baby Powder : Hands down the hardest part of a beach day is all the sand that comes home with you! A sprinkle of baby powder on your legs and feet will help dry the sand out and it’ll brush right off before you get into the car to head home. Genius!

6. Fitted Sheet : If you have a baby or a small child and you’d like to keep a spot sand free, a fitted sheet can be stretched out, with coolers and bags in all 4 raised corners, helping keep sand from being kicked into it or walked all over. Check out this idea and more here!

What to Pack For Your Beach Vacation

7. Blow Up Baby Pool : The beaches can get really busy, and if you need a break from chasing your kids all over, or constantly watching to make sure they’re not too close to the water, this is the perfect beach hack for you. Fill a small baby pool with ocean water and leave it close to you, so the kids can still play in water without the danger of the mighty ocean.

8. Ziploc Bags : With so much technology these days, one fear is how to keep important things dry. Ziploc bags work as a waterproof material, and if you keep your phone in one, you’re still able to take photos through the plastic. Also works well for keys, cash, chapstick, and any other little things you don’t want to lose.

9. Frozen Water Balloons : This is a fun beach hack, instead of using ice cubes. Water Balloons will keep your food inside the cooler cold, and once they melt the kids can have extra fun throwing them at each other!

What to Pack For Your Beach Vacation

10. Bluetooth Speaker : Another thing many music loving families forget is a way to play tunes on the beach. Often times groups around you have music playing, but it’s nicer to be able to control your playlist and to turn it off when the children want to nap.

There you have it – Our top 10 list of what to pack for your beach vacation in Destin Florida. We hope these few ideas will make your life easier when you pack to head to our paradise on the beach. We’ll save a spot for you!