Weather in Destin, FL By Month

With every new year comes a new challenge: When am I going to travel to Destin, FL? As most of us aren’t meteorologists, we need a little help from our friends to decide when the weather is going to be just right for that trip to the sunshine state, and that is why this post is dedicated to telling you the weather in Destin, FL by month! We are going to give you the rundown on the High/Low (°F)  temperatures and the average amount of rain that comes in the month. Let’s dive in!

January weather in Destin

The weather in Destin for January stays a little cool with the temperature being 62/46 °F on average rain 6 days.

February weather in Destin

You will see the February weather in Destin be consistently cool with the temperatures staying around 64/49 °F on average rain 5 days.

March weather in Destin

Spring brings in the warm days and cool nights in Destin with the temperature being 70/54 °F on average rain 6 days.

April weather in Destin

April in Destin is where you want to be if you’re looking for some beautiful sunny and 75 weather! With temps being 76/61 °F average rain 4 days.

May weather in Destin

May is when we really start to see the warm temperatures coming to Destin with the temps being about 82/69 °F on average rain 4 days.

June weather in Destin

June is the perfect time to head to Destin with the perfect summer weather being around 88/75 °F on average rain 7 days.

July weather in Destin

Destin in July will make you want to cool off at the beach, pool, or crab island with the average temperatures ranging from 89/77 °F average rain for July in Destin is 7 days.

August weather in Destin

August weather in Destin is still pretty warm with the temps averaging about 90/77 °F average rain for August in Destin is 9 days.

September weather in Destin

Destin weather in September still makes for some pretty decent beach weather especially around Labor Day with the temps around 87/73 °F average rain for Destin in September is 6 days.

October weather in Destin

October in Destin is when things start to cool down just a little bit with the temperatures being about 80/64 °F average rain for October in Destin is 3 days.

November weather in Destin

November weather in Destin is really something we have to be thankful for with the temps being about 71/54 °F average rain for Destin in November is 5 days.

December weather in Destin

The only chance of seeing a white Christmas in Destin is from the white sugar sand beaches with the 64/48 °F average rain for Destin in December is 7 days.


As you can see, the Emerald Coast is the best place to visit no matter what time of year you decide to come to visit Destin, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, Santa Rosa Beach, and Panama City Beach. There are activities that will give you plenty of things to do year-round, and staying with Gibson Beach Rentals is another way to set your vacation apart from the rest!


Month High °F Low °F Rain
January 62 46 6 Days
February 64 49 5 Days
March 70 54 6 Days
April 76 61 4 Days
May 82 69 4 Days
June 88 75 7 Days
July 89 77 7 Days
August 90 77 9 Days
September 87 73 6 Days
October 80 64 3 Days
November 71 54 5 Days
December 64 48 7 Days

Data Provided by National Centers for Environmental Information

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