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Destin Inshore Guides: Preferred Partners Feature


Destin Inshore Guides

One of the most popular things to do on a vacation to Destin, Florida is fish. Destin, nicknamed the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” due to it’s access to deep water and the fish that run there, is home to many charter fishing experiences both in the Gulf and the Choctawhatchee Bay. We’ve partnered with Destin Inshore Guides to provide you with an outstanding fishing experience, and recently we got to learn why they’re one of the top rated Guides in our area.

Here are the highlights from our conversation with Josh Calhoon, Owner and Captain:

How long has your charter been operating?
Our Charter company, Destin Inshore Guides, has been in operation since August 2014, but Capt Josh (myself) has been chartering fishing in the Destin area for 15 years. We have three boats we can book charters on, each with their own captain.

Explain the biggest differences between Gulf fishing and Bay fishing.
In the Gulf, we will be doing bottom fishing & trolling with heavier tackle/rods. Bottom fishing is where you are using live bait, dropping the line down to the bottom & waiting for a bite. You can catch any of the following bottom fishing: red snapper, mingo, amberjack, triggerfish & grouper. Seasons vary greatly with each species which effects what we can/will be able to catch. With trolling, we can expect to catch king mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, sometimes even a Tuna (October-February). Certain times of the year we can also do sight fishing for Cobia (mid-February through mid April) & Tarpon (May-mid June). Seasons may vary slightly with both of those. The water in the gulf can be a little rougher than the bay, but you also catch much larger fish.

In the bay, we will be doing open water casting, fishing near bridges, & docks with light tackle/rods. We also use live bait & occasional lures when bait fishing. You can catch any of the following in the bay: (seasons vary) redfish, Spanish Mackerel, trout, lady fish, blue fish, black drum, & sheepshead. The water in the bay tends to be a lot calmer & more predictable than the gulf, making it great for kids/families with limited boating experience.

I know you take out families with kids – Any certain age range of the children?
Yes, we love having kids and families come fishing with us! We have short charters that are specifically designed for young kids. We have kiddos as young at 4months old out with us. We recommend our kids charters for ages 8 & under, or kids/families with limited/no boating experience.

How long do charters last?
Typically a kids charter will last 2 & 3 hours long, while our regular adult charters are 4, 5, and 6 hours long.

Do the customers get to keep the fish?
Customers will have the option to keep any fish that is within size & regulation. All of the captains know what is in season & they will filet those fish up for you once you get back to the dock.

If you’re considering taking a fishing trip, but have more questions, Josh and his wife Anna are more than happy to walk you through it on the phone and help figure out which charter is best for your needs. It truly is a bucket list experience that we encourage all fishermen (and women!) to try at least once. And remember – as a preferred partner with Gibson Beach Rentals, you’ll save even more by booking with Destin Inshore Guides!

Published by Thomas Cox
Monday, December 18, 2017