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One of the questions we get asked the most from owners on our rental program is, “how can we upgrade our bathroom without breaking the bank?” This post will shed some light on that and give you useful tips to help upgrade your investment property! Whether you choose to do one, or all five, these tips for upgrading the bathroom in your vacation rental can really change the feel in a person’s home away from home.

bathroom upgrade - paint by Gibson Beach Rentals

Bathroom Upgrade #1 – Paint

You would be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint can change up a room. Out with the wallpaper and in with a fresh coat of paint. It makes it easier to clean, it tends to hold up better over longer periods of time, and it can make the space more inviting when choosing the right colors, also allowing the room to appear brighter. 

If you want to take painting a step further: instead of replacing your vanity that is looking a little worn, try sanding it and throwing a great coat of paint giving life back to your already great furniture pieces inside the bathroom.

bathroom upgrade - lighting by Gibson Beach Rentals


Bathroom Upgrade #2 – Lighting

Changing bathroom lighting can be an inexpensive change that can change the entire feel of the room. This is where your guests will get ready in the morning and clean up in the evening after spending those long days at the pool and the beach. We recommend getting lightbulbs with a “cool” tone because this color mimics how you will look in natural light. While you can completely change your lighting fixtures to Pendant, Scone, Chandelier, and Bar Lighting, the cheapest option is to find items that already match the bathroom setup. Making the room brighter with these updated fixtures gives the illusion that it is more upscale and modernized, making it more appealing to your visitors.

bathroom upgrade - bathroom fixtures by Gibson Beach Rentals


Bathroom Upgrade #3 – Bathroom Fixtures: Faucets & Showerheads

One of the simplest changes you can make in your bathroom is changing out the faucets and showerheads. When replacing the showerhead, try to think about what your guest would want: they are here on vacation. They want a large showerhead that is relaxing and gives them the rain experience to help continue to provide them with the luxury feel when inside your rental. When it comes to faucets, the world is your oyster. They can be as unique as you want them to be. Use them to continue a theme, or completely change the look of your bathroom. Most of them are inexpensive and relatively easy to replace. These small changes can add up to make a big difference!

bathroom upgrade - mirrors by Gibson Beach Rentals


Bathroom Upgrade #4 – Mirrors

Have your mirrors become an eyesore in your bathroom? Are they cracked, peeling, or just looking a little dated? Try changing it up! If you do not want to remove the giant mirror inside your rental, try framing it to give it a whole new look. Want to take it down? This task needs to be done with a lot of precautions as you don’t want it to splinter and break when you try to DIY this mirror hack. Replacing a giant mirror with smaller mirrors has been in the latest trends. Insider tip: If you are going with a more modernized look inside your rental, we suggest checking out the backlit mirrors that use LED lights to brighten the place!

bathroom upgrade - accessoriesby Gibson Beach Rentals


Bathroom Upgrade #5 – Accessories

The accessories in the bathroom can be one of the things that can really give your guests that over the top feeling when inside the bathroom. When deciding the look you are going for it is essential to not just come up with a color scheme, but the type of feel you want to give your renters, and this can all be decided by the pictures, artwork, towels, and little accessories such as toothbrush holder and soap dispensers. When it comes to trinkets in the bathroom, we say that going for a less is more approach, as the more small objects there are means more dust that can be collected, especially for decorative things placed on high shelves. When picking out shower curtains, you could use real curtains because they are longer, giving you more height which in turn makes your bathroom look bigger! 


Pro tip: We have been moving away from the decorative bath rugs, as they take a beating throughout the rental season with wear and tear, and as of more recent years have been issues for slip and falls. We recommend to go with the towel bath mats because they are easily washable and are only used when your renters use the shower/tub. 


As you can see, the tips listed above help give you and your guests that new bathroom feel without having to go through the pains of going through a whole remodel. We know your guests are going to love it as much as you do. If you have any questions or want recommendations on what to do from our team, shoot us a quick email at