Benefits of staying at a short term rental over a hotel

Four Big Benefits of Staying at a Short-Term Rental Instead of a  Hotel


You’ve got it all planned out in your mind. Morning coffee on the balcony. Reading books on the beach. Romantic dinners in. Peace. Quiet. A break from the usual daily grind. 


But where is that vacation dream most likely to come true – a hotel or a short-term rental? 


In the old days, hotels were the only option vacationers had unless they were lucky enough to own their own beach homes. But these days, savvy beach homeowners have begun renting their beach homes to travelers, turning them into the most boutique of boutique hotels – one room only. 


There is a world of difference between short-term rentals and hotels, and which one is best for you depends on the type of traveler you are. Read on to find out the benefits of staying at a short-term rental over a hotel, and see if a short-term rental vacation home is the right spot to make your vacation dreams come true.  


1. Short-term rental are more private than hotels 


Hate making small talk first thing in the morning, later at night, or … at all? Then a short-term rental is probably for you. When staying in a hotel, you’ll have to interact with staff members and other guests every time you walk through the hotel, come down for a cup of coffee, step on the elevator, or head down to the beach. While we all love to socialize sometimes, it can get burdensome when all you really want on your vacation is to just relax.


A short-term rental, however, is like a house. You can come and go as you please without having to see or speak to anyone. And grabbing breakfast or brunch early in the morning, we think, should not include any small talk before coffee! You may not even have to interact with anyone when you check in, as so many short-term rentals now use “self check-in.” If privacy is what you’re after, a short-term rental is your spot. 

2. No two short-term rentals are alike 


Hotel rooms are all the same. Though some are very luxurious, they’re rarely anything beyond sterile. With hundreds of rooms to furnish, it just makes more economical sense for a hotel to buy hundreds of the same mass-produced furniture, accessories, and decor. That leaves guests with clinical surroundings that just aren’t cozy, interesting, or memorable. 


Short-term rentals are the total opposite. Owning a short-term rental is a chance for owners to open their own one-room hotel, and from what we’ve seen, they put their hearts and souls into every detail, leading to some pretty incredible designs! Every short term rental has its own personality, and no two are the same. You’ll find special, meaningful touches throughout each short-term rental, because they’re hand-curated by the people that own them. 


3. Short-term rentals let you live like a local 


Hotels are often located in the “touristy” parts of town, because, of course, they cater to tourists. Touristy parts of town are a lot of fun! But seasoned travelers know that avoiding the crowds and kitsch of the “main drag” is where you can really experience a dose of local color. Short-term rentals are usually located in residential, not commercial, areas, allowing visitors to truly experience what it’s like to “live like a local.” 


4. Short-term rentals offer more value than hotels


By and large, short-term rentals are more affordable and a better value than staying in a hotel. In most cases, you can get a rental with a couple bedrooms and bathrooms and a full kitchen for the same price you’d pay for a one-bed hotel room in the same city! Short-term rentals also usually include free parking and washers and dryers, saving you even more money on your vacation. 


With a short-term rental, you’re not just getting a room. You’re getting a home! 


So which short-term rental should I choose? 

From luxurious beach homes right on the sand to efficiency apartments, historic cottages and even boats and RVs, there is an endless array of short-term rentals to suit every taste and budget. Check out our blog here to learn how to find the perfect short-term rental for your next vacation.