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Six Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling for Business

Traveling is typically a lot of fun. Traveling all the time for work, however, can be quite taxing, especially on the body. Time away from family, jumping time zones, eating unfamiliar food, and generally not having the “home field advantage” in daily life can do a real number on the health of business travelers who are regularly away from home for work. 


But just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you’re helpless against the health trials of traveling. To keep yourself healthy while traveling for business, follow these six tips to keep yourself feeling great and performing at your best on the road. 

1. Fight travelers constipation with probiotics and exercise 

Yes, we’re starting this article in the most important room in the house – the bathroom. Travelers constipation is an incredibly common complaint among business travelers and vacationers alike. It is exactly what it sounds like: constipation during traveling brought on by dietary changes and the unfamiliarity of staying outside your home.


To keep things moving, take a daily probiotic to keep your gut bacteria healthy, and make sure you’re moving as much as possible. A daily walk is preferable, but if all you can manage is walking up and down the airplane aisle during a flight, do it! To keep your bowels moving, you’ve got to move, too. 

2. Buy resistance bands for hotel room workouts 

Many short-term rental complexes and hotels will include a gym, but after a long day traveling, it can be tough to get dressed, go down, and possibly face making chit chat with the other people working out in the gym. Instead, invest in a small set of resistance bands that you can take with you in your suitcase so you can exercise in the privacy of your own room. 


If you’re not familiar with resistance bands, they’re so easy to use, ultimately portable, and a great way to work out on the go. Check out more about resistance bands here.

3. Earplugs and a sleeping mask can be your best friends

Getting consistent, restful sleep is a cornerstone of good overall health. Unfortunately, that can be tough when you’re on the road, especially if you’re staying in a noisy hotel. Get a pair of earplugs and a sleeping mask to use every night. Not only will they keep out sleep-disturbing light and sound, but the ritual of putting them on every night will tell your body, “Ok, it’s time to sleep now.” 

4. Choose accommodations with a kitchen 

Eating restaurant food day in and day out is a recipe for poor nutrition, upset stomach, and an empty wallet. If you can, choose to stay in a short-term rental with a kitchen rather than a hotel room. With a kitchen, you can keep healthy fare at your disposal.


Make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy, nutrient-rich foods and snacks like salads, fruit, nuts, and whole grains so you’re less likely to order takeout or head over to the vending machine for a late-night snack! The better you eat while traveling, the more energy you’ll have, and the more likely your immune system will keep you safe from germs, bacteria and viruses during your travels. 

5. Get outside

Business travelers are often busy dashing from flights and taxis, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for getting outside. For business travelers who need to be at the top of their game for work, this is a stressful and possibly performance-dulling combination. For a quick stress-reliever, get outside!


It’s scientifically proven that being outside in nature lowers stress levels. You may not be able to go hiking on a business trip, but try walking to a restaurant for breakfast or taking your lunch break outside. When you’re less stressed, your immune system functions better, your digestion improves, and you sleep more soundly. 

6. Make sure your accommodations follow Covid safety protocol 

Since 2019 there’s been a new health threat to business travelers – Covid. Make sure the hotel or vacation rental you’re staying in follows strict Covid protocols for cleaning and social distancing. Though mask rules vary from property to property, you can always choose to wear yours to give yourself an extra level of protection. 


For this reason, short-term rentals have a distinct advantage over hotels, as short-term rentals are much more private than hotels, and you’re less likely to find yourself in small, enclosed spaces with lots of other people.