Living Room Essentials for Vacation Rentals

When it comes to your vacation rental, the living room tends to be the focal point of the home away from home. It’s where your guests can watch movies, play games, and just come together to talk about their day and look forward to tomorrow’s activities. With that in mind, you want to make sure you have the right stuff in your living room to give your guests what they want: comfort and space to entertain.


The Sofa

Living Room Storage

When it comes to the sofa you really need to decide if you want a sectional, a sofa with a love seat, maybe an armoire, or maybe a couch that is also a Queen Sleeper Sofa. You want to make sure you are getting something that is not only comfortable but practical for the space. For the sofa, this is not going to be one of the least expensive items, you want to have furniture that is built to last. When it comes down to it, you want to pick the type of seating that makes the most out of your space. If your home sleeps 8 people, then you are going to want to make sure to accommodate 8 people in your living room. If you have a 1 bedroom that sleeps two people, a simple sofa and potentially a chair is perfectly suitable!

The Coffee Table

Coffee Table In Your Rental

Yes, this made the list because we know just how critical your coffee table is when bringing everyone together to play board games, cards, etc. Think about what you would want to do or where you would want to be if you had kids and a rainy day at the beach. Having a comfy space to entertain has now become the main hangout of your guest’s vacation. The options are endless when it comes to the coffee table inside your vacation rental and what you choose can really tie in the room!

Your Living Room TV

Your TV in your Rental

Gone are the days of the box TV’s it is time to upgrade your space with a flat-screen tv. The world has gone digital and so should your rental! Having a smart TV is a good addition to have in your rental. It allows your guests to sign into their own accounts whether it be Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, or Disney Plus, and don’t even need to skip a beat. If you already have a flat-screen TV in your living room, but it is not a smart TV have no fear, we have the solution for you! You can purchase a firestick or a ROKU they typically cost $15 – $20 and only require Wi-Fi to setup. We do not recommend keeping your devices logged into your accounts when you leave, but we do recommend having this to give your guests the option to sign in! When in doubt they can always rent a free DVD from Xplorie.

Artwork in Your Living Room

Artwork in Your Vacation Rental

When it comes to the artwork inside your living room, we like to say less is more. Remember every trinket is going to need to be cleaned before each arrival, and the less dust collectors the best. You want to make sure it is something that you enjoy, but also want to make it pleasing to everyone. A good rule of thumb is to keep a theme throughout the entire unit to make sure everything flows.

Living Room Storage

Living Room Storage

In your rental, you are going to want to make sure that you have some storage areas. Places for books, board games, and anything else you want to leave for your guests to enjoy. We recommend keeping your valuables in your owner’s closet that way you can enjoy them when you come to town.  


We know what you choose to put in the living room in your Vacation Rental is going to be amazing. Travelers prefer a home that puts them at ease. Making sure your rental can satisfy the masses with a more conservative style is aimed to please! Have questions about decorating your rental? Looking for some additional information on our favorite vendors local to the Emerald Coast? Shoot us an email at