Miramar Beach Bonfire

It doesn’t matter the time of year; being on the beach is where you want to be, Where you can feel the sand between your toes if you wish to feel a cool summer breeze or bundled up to avoid a winter chill. The one thing that makes nights on the beach a little better in Miramar Beach is having a beach bonfire. In Walton County, it is legal to have a beach bonfire as long as you have a permit. So today’s post is going to tell you how to have a bonfire in Miramar Beach to help you add this special item to the itinerary so your friends and family can remember it for years to come. 

Host Your Very Own Beach Bonfire

To host your own bonfire in Miramar Beach is pretty simple. Some important things to note are: The person obtaining the permit must be present at the bonfire, and you must have the bonfire permit with you. The beach permit itself costs $50, and it is for up to 29 people. If you have a gathering of over 29 people, you need a special event permit before you can apply for a beach bonfire permit. 

Requirements for a Beach Bonfire Site: 

Residents or visitors can obtain the permits for any South Walton Public Beach Access; if you want to do it on private property, you must have a note from the property owner allowing you to host the beach bonfire there. Bonfires must be at least 100 feet away from habitable structures and a minimum of 50 feet away from vehicles, public roads, other structures, plants, and vegetation.


How to Extinguish a Beach Bonfire: 

When you are finished with the bonfire for the night, all the ashes and leftover material must be thoroughly wet down and removed from the beach. So it’s important to remember materials or hot ashes can’t be buried in the sand or disposed of in a trash dumpster. You’ve got to take them with you when you go.

Have a Beach Bonfire Brought to You

If you are looking to entertain a large group at the beach without having to lift a finger; hiring a company to bring the bonfire to you is the way to go! There are plenty of rental places in the Miramar Beach area that provide beach bonfires for a fee. Still, La Dolce Vita is one of the best rental companies in Miramar Beach when it comes to beach chairs, and they also have a beach bonfire rental service where they bring the beach bonfire to you. 


The Silver service is where they have everything set up for you, from the beach chairs for up to 10 people, bonfire, smores, tiki torches, one table, including a bonfire attendant with a permit to host the bonfire on the beach. 


The Gold Service is where they have everything set up for you from the beach chairs for up to 20 people, the bonfire, smores, tiki torches, along with two tables and a bonfire attendant with a permit. This service is about $650 for 3 hours, and reservations must be made up to 48 hours in advance. 


As you can see, hosting a beach bonfire in Miramar Beach is a lot easier than you would think. Personally, we recommend going with the pros to host your beach bonfire event so you don’t have to worry about the mess, permits, or even having to bring out your own chairs. It can really be something to light up the night and be a highlight of your trip. Remember, Miramar Beach is a place where all of your beach vacation dreams can come true!


What tips would you add for a Miramar Beach Bonfire? We’d love to know!