Packing for a Holiday 6 Essentials to Remember - Gibson Beach Rentals

If you’re packing your bags for a holiday, chances are you’ll be piling in the beachwear and party clothes, and maybe some books and games to add to the fun. But have you remembered the dull little essentials you’ll be needing, too? Here’s a checklist to run through before you shut your case, just to make sure:

 o1.Your medicines

 If you have medicines or other treatments on prescription, put them at the top of your packing list. Even if you can live without them, you’ll want to be in top form for your vacation, so pop them in right now. Remember, too, that your prescription is fine-tuned for your personal needs, and may not be replaceable in the region you’re heading to, especially at short notice.

2. Your keys

When setting off on holiday, it’s all too easy to shut the door triumphantly behind you without thinking to take the key, so be sure to think twice, checking before you close it. You may have other keys to take as well, such as those for your car, cases, bicycle lock or safe box, as applicable. If you’re staying in private accommodation, the owner may have sent you the key to their door, too. Forgetting any essential keys, locks or security gadgets could be disastrous, so allow a few minutes to gather them all up carefully before you leave.

3. Your tickets and schedule

If you’ve booked travel tickets, stow them safely before you get started on your main packing. While clothes and common commodities can usually be replaced, if at a cost, your tickets for the airplane, boat or train cannot. You may also have important papers associated with your accommodation or a pre-booked event, so pack them securely too, for reference. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of your booking details, in case you lose the originals or can’t access them online.

4. Your phone charger

 You’re sure to have your phone with you, but don’t forget the charger. A phone with a flat battery is no use at all, and could present you with serious logistical difficulties while away from home. To be on the safe side, charge it up before you set off and pack the charger as a priority, along with your other essential items. You may also need a plug adapter, as different countries use different types, so check this out, too.

 5. Your payment cards

You may be heading for a luxury resort, but if you forget your bank card, you won’t be able to splash out on those tempting luxuries.  Worse still, you could find yourself in serious difficulties without that small but vital bit of plastic. If you have more than one debit or credit card, make sure you take the one you want to use, and that it carries a valid expiration date. You may have other cards to take, too, such as loyalty cards for chain stores or vouchers saved especially for the trip.

6. Your passwords

You may have all the material items you’ll need for your holiday, but one or two may need passwords, so make sure you have those as well. If, for instance, you need your laptop to video-call your family while away, you’ll need to be sure of your login code. You may also need it to access your travel documents, and for all sorts of other uses. When you’ve got your laptop up and running, you may wish to access your bank account or another password-controlled site, so note down all your relevant codes and passwords, without clearly identifying what they refer to, and hide them away in an inner pocket of your coat or bag.


It may be more fun packing holiday clothes than tending to the practical items on this list, but you’ll be thankful you remembered them all in your moment of need. If you’re going abroad, you’ll also need your passport, of course, but you wouldn’t forget that, would you?