Tips for securing your vacation rental property

A Vacation Rental Property is not only your property, but it is also an investment. To let people you don’t know into one of your homes on a weekly basis can be a tough thought to process, especially if you live all the way across the country from your vacation home. Whether your property is in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, or some other city, you still want it to be safe & secure while you are away. Here are 5 tips for keeping your vacation rental safe and secure for you and your guests.

1.       Install electronic locks –

Having a system such as Kaba not only allows your guests to be able to access their rental without having to physically having to go and pick up a key, but also it is also the #1 way to ensure your rental is secure. You can create a new code for every guest, and you can give out individual codes to each member of your team, whether it be a property manager, a cleaner, maintenance tech, or any other type of vendor that may have to enter the property. If anything happens in your property, you will be able to perform an audit on the system to see who entered the property last and at what time.

2.      Interior Locks –

The inside of your front & back door needs to have a deadbolt and a door chain. This not only keeps the home extra secure. it will also ensure that your home is safe for families. We have seen it time and again: when a home does not have these necessities, their toddlers who are now able to reach the door handle, gets outside and chaos ensues. This, in turn, becomes a nightmare for the family who was trying to enjoy their vacation in a nice and secure home.

3.      Have a security system –

Guests feel more secure if they have a security system at the property. This helps ensure their valuables are safe when they are away from the rental. It also needs to be something simple & easy to use. You have to remember no matter where your vacation rental property is located, this is unfamiliar territory for the guest; while the neighborhood is very likely safe, the guests don’t know that. Something such as a pool alarm is an excellent feature to give guests peace of mind when traveling with small children.

4.      Install visible security cameras –

It is likely that your vacation rental is not rented out 365 days a year. Installing a video camera outside the home in visible areas will not only deter burglars away from the home, but it can also record any accidents that may happen. Having a camera over stairs and by the front door can record slips & falls. Do not put up fake cameras; it doesn’t do anyone any good. Please note, do not put cameras inside your vacation rental as they are illegal.

5.      Lighting –

Installing motion sensor lights outside the home are a great way to deter unwanted guests from entering the premises, but it is also helpful to the guests to see when they pull up to a dark property. Another tip would be to put interior lights on timers. This way the home always stays lit up at certain times and may be easier for your guests to see when they are going to the bathroom at night or if they are checking in late at night.

As you can see, providing a safe and secure vacation rental home to your guests is easier than you think. When people are traveling to your property you would be surprised how these little details can give your guests peace of mind and a happier experience. At Gibson Beach Rentals, we pride ourselves in being the eyes and ears for our vacation rental owners. Providing our guests with a fun and safe environment is our number one goal. If you have any questions about our property management or want any recommendations on how you can make your vacation rental property more secure please send us an email