What To Pack for Your Florida Beach Vacation

Everyone looks forward to their Florida beach vacation. It is the highlight of their year. But there is nothing more disappointing than getting all checked in and realizing that you forgot something so simple. It can really put a damper on your trip. That is why we have come up with a Beach Vacation Checklist.

what to pack for your florida beach vacation: clothing


Knowing the right clothes to pack for your trip is essential to being able to do all of the activities. Imagine getting checked into your amazing beachfront condo, and all you want to do is throw your suit on and run to the beach, and you forgot your bathing suit. Then you have to find a store, try on bathing suits, and that takes precious time away from having your fun in the sun. There are a lot of activities to do in Miramar Beach, so make sure you have clothes to hit the town, enjoy a nice dinner, lounge with friends, or even go for a run or a bike ride. Clothes you want to make sure to pack are shirts, jeans, dress clothes, swimwear, cover-ups, sandals, casual shoes, and athletic shoes.

what to pack for your Florida beach vacation: toiletries


Probably one of the most important categories, and also one of the easiest to forget are your toiletries. Yes, you can pick most of these up at your local Walmart or Target, but planning to have these ahead of your trip allows you to save your money for the essentials that you cannot get beforehand, like groceries. Some of the toiletries you need to have on your checklist are makeup, body wash/soap, sunscreen, toothpaste, toothbrush, skin care, deodorant, perfume, lotion, medications, hairbrush, straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, shaving supplies, tweezers, insect repellant, lip balm with SPF, tissue/wet wipes, and aloe vera.

what to pack for your Florida beach vacation: beach gear

Beach Gear

Now for the fun stuff. You cannot go on a beach trip without your beach gear! You can ask your vacation rental company if these items are included in the property, but most of the time they are not. It is up to the individual owner on what they want to keep in their home away from home. These items ensure that you have everything you need to have a good time at the beach. There are beach chair rental companies in town that will set up beach chairs for you. Also, check with the property management company to see if there is an on-site beach chair rental company to make it easier to reserve your beach chairs. Some of the beach staples for you to make sure are on your list are a Beach bag, beach towels, beach chairs, small cooler, rafts/tubes/floaties, waterproof phone case, beach umbrella, snorkel gear, goggles, wet bag, baby powder, beach toys, snacks/drinks.

what to pack for your Florida beach vacation: accessories


Not leaving your accessories behind would be wise. Things like phone chargers, computer chargers, portable speaker, sunglasses, and jewelry are all things you are going to want to have on your list. Whether you are visiting Miramar Beach for work or pleasure, having these accessories are going to make sure you can enjoy your time on your beach vacation. It may not be the end of the world if you forget a charger or two but make sure you plan ahead just incase will give you ease of mind!

what to pack for your Florida beach vacation: the essentials


The essentials are the keys to having a great time on your beach vacation. This is where all of the things you need most come into play. Things like: ID’s/passports, travel documents, cash/credit cards. When you are traveling with kids you are going to want to make sure you have kid toys, baby supplies, etc. There are rental companies in town that offer things like Crib Rentals, Pack N Plays, Toddler Beds, and even rollaway beds. A few other essentials you are going to make sure you have on your beach vacation are books/magazines to read if your downtown at the beach, pool, or at your condo. A few other things you are going to want to make sure you have packed are a dirty laundry bag, and a travel sewing kit, just in case!

As you can see there are a number of items you are going to want to bring on your Miramar Beach vacation. Having these ensure that you aren’t missing anything of importance. At Gibson Beach Rentals we want to ensure that packing for your trip is a breeze, and that’s why we have included a FREE PDF download of our beach vacation checklist