As a vacation rental company, this is one of the questions we get asked most of all: “how can my vacation rental stand apart from others?” Besides the standard updates like remodeled kitchen and baths, tile flooring, new appliances, etc., the next thing you can do is implement custom gear.

When rentals come onto our program, they are given some sort of nautical or beach punny name that gives guests something to remember We recommend taking this a step further: create custom gear to go along with the name that guests can bring home with them to remember for years to come.

This can be beach towels, magnets, notepads, pens, you name it. This might sound pricy, and we’re not saying that every renter needs a “swag bag” to bring home with them, but if you buy the products in wholesale, it’s not a bad idea to create something memorable for your guests to bring home and here’s why:

Social Media

Custom products placed by your favorite vacation rental company in a decorative way that catches your guests eyes’ as soon as they walk in is the perfect photo opportunity to start off their vacation to share with all of their friends and family on social media: making their friends and family able to easily reference it when they are going to start planning their own beach vacation! Not only that, but when they use your product, they think back to the beach, and the wonderful time they had staying in your property, making them want to rebook time after time because they enjoy making memories there!

Our Favorite Products

Drink Koozie

The Koozie is the perfect custom product because they are one of the cheaper items, and more often than not, one of the most-used custom products for beachgoers.

Beach Towel

Nothing beats a custom beach towel. Your guests are already going to have to go to the store to pick up their beach towels, so having one for them to use when they get there and to bring with them when they leave makes it the perfect product. Your beach towel can then travel from your property back home and to their next adventure to a beach, pool, or lake!


How often do you bring your favorite beverage to go? Make your guest’s day by providing them with a tumbler that will easily become their favorite cup and advertising your beautiful property. Definitely a win-win situation.

Pens & Pads

There is a reason why hotels have started this trend. Not only is a custom pen and pad the simplest form of advertising, but it is extremely useful to your guests when prepping the grocery list, planning excursions, and anything else they can come up with. Make sure you have your web address on the pen so each new owner of it knows where to look you up!

As you can see, custom products aren’t just pretty and useful for making memories, they are the easiest form of advertising for your guests. If you want to take your custom products to a whole new level, our marketing team suggests to come up with a hashtag for social to make the guests want to share it on Instagram, tag the business, and when each guest checks out the hashtag. they can see other user experiences and become their own network of people who love your property and want to share it with the digital world!