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Why You Should Spend Your Next Vacation at the Beach


When it comes to going on vacation, you’ve got options. From mountain retreats to big-city museum weekends to Caribbean cruises, there are vacation options for every taste. But there’s one vacation location that stands head and shoulders above the rest that everybody in the family can agree on — the beach. 


There’s just something special about the ocean breeze, the gentle sound of lapping waves, and being near the water that simply transports us to a mindset of serenity. But that’s not the only reason to take your next vacation at the beach. If you still need convincing, here are five reasons to spend your next vacation at the beach. 


1. Experience nature in a new way at the beach 


Most people aren’t lucky enough to live at the beach, so a trip to the shore offers an entirely new world of plants, animals, and sea life to explore for nature lovers! The coastal ecosystem is completely unlike what you might find in urban Atlanta, the plains of the Midwest, or the mountains of the west. Nature lovers can discover a whole new world, including exotic plants, beautiful shells, and coastal wildlife like sea birds, crabs, and a wild variety of fish and sea life!


2. You’ll never be under-dressed 


One thing that city dwellers in particular love about vacationing at the beach is that the dress code is super casual! If you spend your week buttoned-up in suits and skirts, the freedom of being able to throw on a pair of flip flops and head out for the day is intoxicating! The only dress code requirement at the beach is being comfy! 


3. Being at the beach lowers stress 


It’s scientifically proven – spending time next to the ocean lowers stress levels! The color blue of the water, with the gentle sounds of the breeze and waves, combines to cause measurable changes in the brain that mimic a meditative state. And isn’t that what a vacation is all about, leaving all your cares behind? 


4. It’s affordable fun


Visiting amusement parks, museums, nightclubs, and tourist attractions gets expensive. Hanging out on the sand, however, is free! When you spend your vacation at the beach, you can have a memorable, picture-worthy time without spending a dollar. Want more ideas for saving money on your beach vacation? Check out this article


5. Beach vacations are no-stress  


There’s a temptation on vacation to do anything but relax. Rushing from activities, historic sites, museums and that “thing you gotta see” can be a lot of fun, but it can get exhausting fast – leaving you even more tired when you get home from vacation than you were when you arrived! But when you vacation at the beach, spending 18 hours a day laying in a chair is perfectly acceptable. Not only is it just as fun as site-hopping, but it’s more affordable, too.